ElderOptions provides families with short or long-term consultation, depending on your need, your budget and your personal situation.

For care in the home, we can help screen, arrange and monitor in-home services. We specialize in finding the right caregiver, and provide continued training and support to help caregivers adapt to the changing needs of the client.

For out of the home care, we will provide you a list of options that suit your needs, visit with you those of interest, and help you coordinate paperwork and other necessary documentation.
We can review your financial, legal or medical issues and refer you to geriatric specialists in your area.

We will be there in times of crisis when loved ones are away. We are your liaison to the family at a distance, overseeing care and quickly alerting family to problems.















We are well familiar with issues of long-distance caregiving and can offer loved ones at each end peace of mind.

We can assist in moves, from the home to an assisted living facility, nursing home, or coordinate and support the travel plans of an older adult in transit.

We can serve as effective advocates and counselors supporting the needs of older adults while at home, in hospital or other living situations. We are there to help you get your needs met in the most effective, most efficient and cost saving way possible.