Do I Really Need a Professional Geriatric Care Manager?

When considering whether to engage the services of a Geriatric Care Manager, you should evaluate whether you have the time, inclination, or skills to manage the complicated challenges of geriatric care. If you are not sure, ask a trusted advisor to help you decide if an elder care expert may be helpful. Enlisting the support of other family members to consult a professional is a good way to build a consensus on the solutions.

















What is a private geriatric care manager and what might a geriatric care manager do for me and my family?

A certified geriatric care manager is a trained human services professional with an advanced degree and experience in working with older adults and their families to help improve the quality of life of the older adult and their family in the short and long term. A geriatric care manager can provide access to supportive services on a variety of levels; immediate referrals to a sub-acute rehab facility, home health care or a long-term placement out of the home. A geriatric care manager works with the family to provide support to the older adult and to the loved ones caring for their family member or friend.

How does the work with a geriatric care manager begin?

The geriatric care manager meets with the older adult and/or the family to conduct an assessment of needs. A comprehensive assessment includes a discussion of basic functioning of the older adult and family support, as well as the preferences of where the older adult sees him or herself aging most optimally and with what type of support. After the assessment is complete, the geriatric care manager writes up a Plan of Care which becomes the working document for the geriatric care manager and the client.

What is the average length of work with a geriatric care management client?

Depending on the needs and wishes of the client, the geriatric care manager can be involved intensively or on an as needed basis. Many geriatric care management clients have children or other loved ones who live out of state or they themselves lead busy lives. In this situation a geriatric care manager may be more involved and make weekly visits to the client to check in and see how the client is functioning. In other cases the geriatric care manager might lay out a plan of care for the older adult or family member to follow through on independently.